How To Use Your Abroad Travel Magazine Coupon Code

Step 1

1. Click on the App Store on your iPad.

Step 2

1. Click on the search bar at the top right of the screen, type in "abroad travel magazine", and then hit Go.

2. Find Abroad Travel Magazine in the search results and click on the 'FREE' button beside it. Then click 'INSTALL APP'

*Note: it may take a few minutes for your iPad to install Abroad Travel Magazine - please be patient.

Step 3

1. After Abroad Travel Magazine has downloaded, click on the Newsstand app on your home screen.

2. Find Abroad Travel Magazine in your Newsstand and click it.

Step 4

This is the Home Screen of Abroad Travel Magazine where you will be able to view or download all of the latest issues of the magazine.

1. Click on the yellow 'Subscribe' button located near the top of the screen.

2. In the new box that appears, select 'Current Subscribers'.

Step 5

1. Type the coupon code 'vip' into the space provided.

2. Click 'Ok'.

3. CELEBRATE - You just received 3 months free access to Abroad Travel Magazine! No strings attached :-)