Eat Some McDonald’s “Korean Style” With Sunnydahye and Kim Dao

Whenever Kim Dao can take a trip to South Korea, she jumps on the opportunity. Luckily for us, she also brings her camera along with her and vlogs the entire experience! One of Kim’s most popular Korean vlogs takes viewers on a trip to a Seoul McDonald’s. This vlog also features popular Korean YouTuber Sunnydahye.


At the beginning of this video, Kim Dao is walking down a sidewalk in Hongdae with Sunny. Kim says the reason she’s carrying so much stuff is because she just finished a video shoot in Seoul.Learn more :


As the two friends enter the McDonald’s restaurant they see a few “Create Your Own Burger” computer screens. Kim Dao says they also have this feature in many Australian McDonald’s restaurants.Learn more :


Kim Dao orders a grilled mushroom burger with fries, a big Sprite, and McNuggets. Her total comes to around 11,700 ₩. Sunny gets a Shanghai McSpicy burger with tons of bacon. They both thoroughly enjoy their meal.


After lunch, Kim and Sunny head out to shop at a few local stores. Sunny wants to buy a few scented candles at Innisfree.Learn more :


While walking around Hongdae, Sunny rushes into a local café to use the toilet. The two then sit down and share a blueberry muffin and some iced coffee. Kim Dao says that she doesn’t actually like the taste of coffee even though she drinks a cup every morning. She always has to put a ton of sugar into her coffee to get her daily dose of caffeine.Learn more :


At the end of the video, Kim Dao films an adorable dog walking around outside. The grey dog actually picks up a purse and brings it back to its owner.