George Soros: Financing Political Ideals in U.S Elections

The 2016 presidential elections in the United States marked a return of George Soros’ return to active political activism. During the period leading up to the November elections, the business mogul donated up to $25 million to support the election of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate who was vying against the Republican Donald J. Trump. A significant amount of the funds donated were directed to support the activities of super Political Action Committees (super PACs). He also directed that a portion of the funds were directed into the campaign kitty of Hillary Clinton.

In addition, George Soros’ donation was also directed to the campaign kitties of various Democratic Party candidates vying for different political seats in the elections. Through the super PACs, George Soros also supported various causes that he believed supported his political ideologies. These causes include grassroots mobilization and education initiatives across various states where the electorates were casting their votes on during the electioneering period. The funds have also been used to create voter awareness across the country. Know more on about George Soros.

Post-Trump Victory Political Activities

George Soros has a strong conviction on various political ideals, which he continually supported financially. Following the win by President Donald J. Trump in the elections, Mr. Soros came together with other like-minded individuals to raise funds that would be used to support various initiatives that they would be threatened by President Trump’s tenure. The funds would be used to push back President Trump’s assertion and commitment towards repealing the landmark Afford Care Act (Obama Care), which was the hallmark policy of the presidency of Barrack Obama. George Soros and several influential Democrats and business magnates gathered in a closed door meeting in Washington to plot the way forward when it comes to protecting some of the core democratic initiatives that they believe are under threat by Donald Trump’s presidency.

Revolutionizing the U.S Justice System

George Soros has extended his political activism to include the U.S justice system. As a strong believer in democratic ideals, he has donated millions of dollars to local super PACS to support the candidacy of various individuals who shares his reform ideologies. The funds have been used to support minority candidates vying for district attorney positions across various jurisdictions. He believes that these candidates can shape the U.S justice system by leading crucial reforms touching on racial discrimination within the justice system. The local super PACs have used the funds to put up advertisements supporting the identified candidates. The funds have also been used in campaign advertisements targeting candidates that he believes the status quo within the justice system.

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George Soros has set aside up to $500 million to finance several business ideas aimed at helping poor communities including immigrants and refugees and their host communities grow economically. He will use the financial aid fund to set up companies operating in different industries. The proceeds from the companies will be used to support these communities. This is in addition to his philanthropic activities through his non-profit foundation he setup to support various causes in the country. He hopes his move will encourage other wealthy individuals to join hands in alleviating the suffering of immigrants and refugees. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.