The Finest Coffee Brand in the World- Organo Gold

The second most consumed fluid after water is coffee according to 2009 and 2010 statistics from the National Coffee Association. This was concluded after 125.2 million bags were summed up to have been used up in the two years. Coffee is said to dominate every corner in the cities’ coffee shops everywhere in the globe. It is for this reason that a Canadian company known as the Organo Gold leverages on this factor such that despite the economic recession at times, coffee still sells. The company provides a marketing structure in which distributors advertise and sell their coffee products. View Organo Gold’s profile on

About Ogarno Coffee Brand was Established

The Organo Gold Company was established in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and is stationed in both the United States and Canada. Chua serves together with the the co-founder of the company, Shane Morand, whose duties are to oversee Organo’s direct sales. Further, the company works alongside with an entity known as the Scientific Advisory Board. Its purpose is to have individuals work together to test and see if the ingredients in the coffee meet the desired organic quality.

One of the Scientific Advisory Board members includes Dr. Irma Prado who serves as the chief medical consultant. Moreover, the Organo Gold Coffee Company also has a partner company known as Fujian that is headed by Li Ye. It is located in China where it constitutes of the Xianzhilou Biology Research Center. Also, the research center is responsible for checking the coffee’s quality and is spearheaded by Dr. Li Xiaoyu.

Organo Gold’s Products

The gourmet coffee beans are blended with the Ganoderma mushroom that originates from the traditional Asian herb. What’s more, the herb is known to be excellent in controlling cholesterol thus good for food health. Again, the herb which is also known as” Reishi” contains antiviral qualities. Other of Chua’s coffee products includes Ganoderma- blended hot chocolate, Ganoderma –blended green tea, Ganoderma-infused latte blend, among others.


How Organo Gold Coffee Company Operates

The Organo gold company capitalizes on the multilevel marketing of products through independent distributors. Also, the company’s sales are still done through distributors as the do not have direct retailers. The distributors are further awarded per sale with 50% commission on the sales done. Again, Organo Gold divides its profits among all the parties involved in the sale process which is referred to as the “Organo’s domino effect”.

In addition, the Organo gold company’s revenue has grown tremendously where the 2010 statistics revealed an approximate value of $35 million in total revenue. This is directly attributed to its market network where the company has its sales systems in a variety of countries. Some of the nations that Organo has its presence include Jamaica, Peru Austria, Germany, United States among others. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.