The Involvement of Betsy DeVos in Business, Politics, and Charity

Betsy Devos is businesswoman, activist, and politician who is appreciated for the remarkable charity work that she does. She has led various campaigns that have ensured that children across the United States have an opportunity of joining learning institutions of their choice. Mrs, DeVos donates money through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The charity organization is owned by her family, and it was established in 1989. The main activities that it has focused on are education, leadership, art, and Christian-based undertakings. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have been acknowledged in the United States for their generosity. In 2015, their foundation donated $139 million, and this made them be ranked on the list of the top 30 charitable persons in the country.


Several organizations have benefited from the outstanding charity work of the DeVos Family. In 2015, their foundation gave $200,000 to the Potter’s House School, which is a Christian learning institution that has been striving to offer quality education to low-income families. It also contributed $150,000 to facilitate the charity work of the Success Academy Charter Schools. The couple has also provided their support to several hospitals, Christian activities, and art centers. The Center for Individual Rights and Baptists for Life have also received donations from them.


Mrs. DeVos currently serves the United States government as the 11th secretary of education. The outstanding contributions that she has made to the sector made President Trump to hire her in February 2017. Betsy is still working to transform the school system of the country so that all children can have equal opportunities of being admitted to the best learning institutions. She is a former volunteer of the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and the experience that she got enabled her to understand the challenge that low-income parents face. The philanthropist was motivated to start her activist work, and she has currently changed the lives of thousands of children in over 25 states.


The career of Betsy DeVos as a businesswoman was also successful. She once served as an administrator of the Windquest Group. The company is owned and managed by Dick DeVos, and it deals with manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have also invested in Neurocore, which is an organization that provides therapies to individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, deficit, autism, and disorder.


Betsy has also made significant contributions to the United States’ politics from the time she was in college. In 1982, she became a Michigan Republican Party member and has been supporting the activities of the party ever since. She once served as a delegate and chairperson of the party. Mrs. DeVos also sat on the Republican National Committee for about five years.


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