Vijay Eswaran, Co-founder, QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder of QI Group of Companies where he also serves as the Executive Chairman. In 1998, Eswaran together with others founded the QI Group which began as an e-commerce based conglomerate. These businesses include direct sales, telecommunications, luxury, training and conference management, lifestyle and leisure, logistics, and much more.

Eswaran graduated from London School of Economics (LSE) with a socio-economics degree in 1984. His impressive track record involves working with top rated companies such as IBM, various positions in Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. He, later on, returned to Asia in the early 90s where he switched to entrepreneurship.

Working with like-minded individuals, he founded a direct selling and training company which has currently grown into a multi-business conglomerate popularly known as QI group. The company has been in business for almost 18 years and has managed to open branches in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Its presence in the market has been felt in close to 30 countries through a broad spectrum of subsidiary companies.

Besides business, Eswaran is a highly esteemed motivational speaker who lectures across the world on many topics ranging from business and social matters. He has been called upon to speak in top universities, leadership forums, and management summits. They include World Economic Forum, Commonwealth Business Forums and much more.

Furthermore, Eswaran is a prominent philanthropist. He established the RYTHM Foundation, which is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of his QI Group company that runs philanthropic activities in various countries across the world. Additionally, he established RF’s local chapter, Vijayratnam Foundation – specifically in his late father’s honor. The foundation works closely with local NGOs and various charity organizations on multiple projects related to youth development and mentoring, special education, and women empowerment.

Vijay Eswaran has appeared and mentioned in Asia’s Philanthropy figures by Forbes in 2011. He won the lifetime achievement award for Regional Philanthropy recently given to him by Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia. He was also awarded the International Leader in Global Business Strategy award handed to him by GOPIO.

Betsy DeVos’ Legacy of Philanthropy

In recent months, Betsy DeVos has become best-known as the Secretary of Education. Before that, she garnered notice as Chair of Michigan Republicans. She was a big player in her husband’s campaign for governor of their home state. She has had a long, active career in politics.



A Well-Rounded Person


But DeVos is so much more than that. She’s a mom, a businessperson and a philanthropist. A graduate of Calvin College, she sits on the Board of the Windquest Group. This group is made up of a number of companies. Windquest invests in everything from manufacturing to clean energy. DeVos has a wide-ranging knowledge of the way multiple industries operate.



Giving Back


But business success is not Betsy DeVos’ only focus. In fact, DeVos has given generously to causes she believes in for over 30 years. She is passionate about reform. Broken institutions like the public education system trouble her. DeVos is grateful that she could make another choice for her children, namely, a private education. But she also knows that not everyone can afford to do that.



Christian Spirit


DeVos is a Christian, which informs her philanthropic spirit. It troubles her to see people, especially children, being held back by a system that underperforms. That’s exactly what she and her husband were witness to in their home city of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos attended public schools in Grand Rapids as a youth. When his children were old enough, the system was underperforming and in many ways, unsafe. He and his wife were upset by the idea that their tax dollars were going to waste. They were especially distressed to see working-class parents take on two extra jobs to give their children a better future.


Betsy DeVos knows that if people can’t develop their god-given abilities, all of society suffers. She wants to give all children a chance to use the gifts they’ve been endowed with, and to develop into healthy, stable adults.



Lasting Reform


This is where DeVos’ business background informs her giving. She knows that if parents are granted the ability to choose, the public school system will have to shape up. When there’s competition in the marketplace, service providers have to maximize efficiencies and continue to improve.


She believes that school choice can revolutionize America by creating lasting change. It’s already happening in states like Florida. DeVos is well-aware that school choice systems work in countries like the Netherlands, too.


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