Drew Madden Does Healthcare IT The Right Way – Here’s Why

118.5 years ago, the average human’s life lasted just 47 years. They typically passed away from complications related to infectious diseases, something very few people suffer from today; vaccines exist for nearly every infection – plus, knowledge of preventative maintenance helps cut down on the number of infections.

In 2018, the average United States resident lives to be just short of 80 years of age – the US is among the 30-highest countries on the list of longest life expectancies – whereas Japan almost takes the cake, coming in third place with an average length of life of 83.5 years.

The United States is said to have the greatest quality of healthcare in comparison to every single country around the world – all 195 of them. However, several statistics suggest that the US is not, in fact, home to the best healthcare on planet Earth. Infant mortality in America is more prevalent than most other world powers of comparable gross domestic product per capita; it’s also one of the few highly-developed countries without universal healthcare coverage.

Here’s the worst part – the US collectively spends an average of $9,250 per capita on healthcare even though its outcomes aren’t in any way worth the extremely high price Americans altogether pay.

One of the biggest problems practitioners and administrators of healthcare facilities face in the United States is a lack of entrepreneurs’ familiarity with the problems they so frequently face. Entering the healthcare industry is difficult at the practitioner level, leaving most of the world’s finest, most talented human capital out of the equation.

Unlike most technological devices and applications, hospitals, clinics, and other health-related facilities aren’t privy to world-class technology because entrepreneurs who control tech companies are generally more concerned with providing the average consumer with fun, entertaining devices and programs.

Healthcare information technology – also known as healthtech or healthcare IT – suffers from being behind the rest of the world in terms of the advancement of technology. Drew Madden, a partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners – the firm is a consultancy and implementer of IT systems for hospitals, clinics, and the like – is dedicated to boosting the quality of healthcare IT around the United States. The industry needs more people like Drew Madden.