Betsy DeVos: Do Not Underestimate Her As A Political Fighter

Betsy DeVos is the kind of person that some people have a tendency to underestimate. That is to say that she is someone that people think of as not really having that many of her own opinions or the ability to stand up for herself. Perhaps some of this comes from the fact that she is a woman and they make the huge error of assuming that this means that she will not speak up. No matter what the reason, it is important to realize that this is a huge underestimation of Betsy DeVos.


The real Betsy DeVos is someone who can and does stand up to those who oppose her. Not only that, but she finds a way to be the kind of person who can actually make some of the changes that she wants to see in the world become a reality. This in and of itself is a truly amazing feat. Now that she is the Secretary of Education for the entire country, she has been quietly putting into place a lot of the goals for education that she has held all of her life.


Betsy DeVos has been a fighter for charter schools for a very long time. She is of the belief that these schools present the best possible outcome for students to learn and achieve their goals. She is not the kind of person to back down from a challenge, so it is important to recognize that in her and realize that she will do whatever it takes to make sure her particular goals are put in place. The charter school goal has been one that she has been driving away at for a long time.


Although she is completely capable of dispatching political foes with ease, do not think for a moment that she would not be polite to you in a one-on-one conversation. Quite the opposite is true as a matter of fact. She is known for being a good listener and being extremely polite to those who she frequently comes in contact with. She will hear them out, offer her own ideas, and work out some way that perhaps the two can co-exist. It doesn’t always work, but she has a lot of experience with this being something that ends up being the best strategy for reaching her ultimate goals. If you ever have the opportunity to deal with Betsy DeVos in any capacity, you should know that this is the kind of person that she is.


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