NextBank Banking Expertise And Services

In this evolving digital world, things must adapt to be able to survive, and yes, that includes banking. Banking has been more efficient in the past few decades, creating more options for their customers and stakeholders. Nextbank is well aware of the changes and uses these changes to their own and their customers’ advantage. NextBank’s corporate identity and services will be tackled in this article.




NextBank SSB, formerly known as Heritage Bank SSB, is a banking and financial institution that provides banking and financial services. Their main offers are revolving around commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The firm has been on finance and banking business since 1922, taking care of their stakeholder and customer’s interests. It was headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is a subsidiary of NextBank Capital, Inc. NextBank’s key figure includes John Hold (the president and chief executive officer), Matt Siekielski (the chief operating officer), Stacy Hodges (the chief financial officer and chief risk officer), and Rhett Miller (the chief credit officer).



Last 2015, NextBank SSB acquired the College Savings Bank of Princeton, which is located in New Jersey. College Savings Bank still maintained their name and branding, but the firm is now under the wing of NextBank SSB.




NextBank offers services from the three areas of banking and finance. They offer commercial loans and SBA loans to help people who need financing help and to fund long-term growth. The bank also offers commercial real estate lending. NextBank has a partnership with real estate developers, investors, and owners of a real estate project and provides their needs through specialized financing. Financial institutions can also avail for Tailored Depository Services, Shared National Credits, and Holding Company Term Loans. There are also treasury management services for those who want to have more time on other endeavors.



For Mortgage Banking, NextBank offers Warehouse lending and wholesale and correspondent lending. Warehouse lending includes the chance of additional capital resources for qualified clients. Their wholesale and correspondent lending services include competitive pricing of loans for as low as $400,000 and as high as $2 million. The bank also caters partnership with individuals to help them in their mortgaging needs.



For their Institutional Services, NextBank is offering tailored services to financial institutions as they continue to evolve. They offer the following services: holding company term loans, revolving lines of credit, tailored depository services, and syndicated national credits.



Holding company term loans will provide additional funding to help their clients go through their planned acquisition or expansion. Revolving lines of credit is a service that lets their clients loan funds the moment they need it. For those who want to diversify their portfolio by accessing market segments, they offer syndicated national credits.



The other services offered is the treasury management where NextBank’s treasury experts offer help for clients who want to increase the productivity of treasury operations. Public funds are also available for clients who want to have funding services that suit them. For those who want to invest in banking, NextBank is also offering a service that helps their clients to meet their banking objectives.


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