Intimate Conversation With Betsy DeVos By Philanthropy Magazine

For decades now, Betsy DeVos has been leading the movement of educational reform. She is a natural-born reformer and has had a love of education since attending Calvin College. While she was attending Calvin, she found herself getting involved with the campus political groups. She quickly found she had a passion for it. It has been over 30 years now and she has led multiple political positions such as action committees, party organizations and a lot of campaigns.


As with politics, DeVos loves to look for new solutions to the never-ending social problems. She currently holds the position of chairperson for Windquest Group. They are a group which invests in manufacturing, clean energy and technology. She founded this firm in 1989 with her husband, Dick DeVos.


Philanthropy Magazine Interview


Recently, Betsy was interviewed about her life, political views, love of educational reform and school choice programs by Philanthropy Magazine. One of the first questions they asked her was about how she felt school choice voucher programs have progressed since they first started more than 25 years ago.


It has been a couple decades since the first private-school voucher program was put into place in Wisconsin. Betsy said that she is very pleased with how school choice programs have come along since then. She has been involved with educational reform for as long as she can remember. When her kids were school age, she remembers seeing parents doing whatever they had to in order to make sure their kids received a good education. Parents just want to ensure their kids are able to learn in a safe environment that fosters their minds and creativity. For some parents, paying school tuition was a huge sacrifice because the public schools they had access to weren’t safe or a good learning environment.


How Betsy Became More Involved In Educational Choice


In the 1990s, Betsy was serving on two different national charities. Each of these charities worked to expand the educational choice programs by using tax credits and voucher systems. She and her husband, Dick DeVos, were politically involved in helping to pass the first charter-school bill for Michigan in 1993. Years later, they tried to change the state’s constitution to allow voucher systems and tax-credit scholarships. Unfortunately, that was not a successful venture for them at the time. They were saddened because they knew how many families in the state were desperate for better school options for their children.


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