Math and finance wiz Gareth Henry succesfully raised billions for capital giants

An insatiable appetite for networking and sharing his expertise on insurance led Gareth Henry into a life-long career in raising capital. He believes that a simple conversation is the start of any business relationship. Networking with leads, potential clients, and even strangers is his secret weapon for growth in relation to investors. Divulging his knowledge in a meaningful way builds influence while setting him apart from his contemporaries.

Finance and Mathematics Merge

Gareth Henry became a student of risk management, a five step process that involves forecasting associated financial risks that accompany any investment. The technical yet simple procedure begins with properly identifying and measuring the risks. Upon treatment, the analyst monitors the size of the risks at any given time. Actuaries like Gareth Henry specialize in extrapolating data that ultimately effects decision making processes. Adhering to the principles set forth through risk examination, is style is structured, systematic, and organized. Most of all, he must address the explicit mathematics behind situational uncertainty; an exercise he takes pride in performing diligently. Visit

A Love for Economics Leads to Customer Service

Success for the skilled alternative asset manager came rather quickly according to industry trajectories. With a commission from Fortress Investment Group, he traveled across four continents communicating with finance professionals. He helped raise exceptional amounts of capital as Global Head of Investor Relations through private equity and credit . The self-proclaimed math wizard admits that once he steppped out his comfort zone, he flourished in ways he had never imagined. His prosperous role at Fortress led to his foray at hedge fund giant Angelo Gordon.

His move to the new firm was chronicled by the highly respectable publication, “Institutional Investor. In a testament to his prowess in finance, the magazine spoke highly of his accomplishments. Gareth Henry has established ties with pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and insurance consortiums. Read more on

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