Shiraz Boghani’s Contribution to the Hotel and Health Industries

Asian Business Award hosted the Hotelier of the Year Award 2016 ceremony and Shiraz Boghani emerged the winner. Boghani is the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group who has worked in the hospitality industry for over three decades. The executive accountant has 91 hotels under him in the United Kingdom, a business he has done since the 1990’s. The launching of the 292 bedroom Hilton London Bankside at the cost of £121million is one of his recent successful deals. Other ventures under Shiraz include Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel, The Conrad London St James and New Ellington in Leeds to name just but a few. The Chief Executive Officer of Splendid Hospitality Group, Stuart Bailey points out that the group’s success is a result of Shiraz Boghani’s hard work and dedication. The Privately owned Hotel group is among the fastest growing hotels in that category in the United Kingdom. Read more on

Shiraz Boghani is a Kenyan born businessman who settled in the United Kingdom in 1969 and worked in a Chartered Accountants company as a trainee accountant before joining Thomas McLintock & Co. With a business mind, Shiraz discovered many business opportunities and started many businesses in the UK including Sussex Health Care. Shiraz and other partners started the home, which has over 500 beds and 81 facilities across the United Kingdom in 1985. The home provides the residents with special care due to the availability of specialized equipment, state of the art facilities with gyms inside and thoroughly trained staff. Additionally, the facility provides specialized treatment to the old people with conditions like dementia, neurological diseases, and other disabilities. Sussex partners with learning institutions to ensure there is the training of staff and enhance the development of programs aimed at serving the residents in the best way possible.

Shiraz Boghani also contributes in many philanthropic activities by supporting many voluntary services through his resources and time. He is a supporter of Aga Khan Development Network globally and Aga Khan Foundation in the United Kingdom. The foundation caters for the poor people in urban centers by providing charitable funds, and Boghani donates money to the foundation regularly. Other areas of his contribution include the Aga Khan University, National Council, and National Conciliation.

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