Jason Hope Sees Possibilities With Biotechnology.

One of the most exciting aspects to living in the times that we do is the fact that we are seeing amazing leaps in terms of scientific advances. These scientific advancements are shaping the way that we look at and interact with the world as well as how we live our very lives within it. The medical community is experiencing the same kind of growth on an astronomical basis with huge breakthroughs coming on an almost monthly basis. Jason Hope, a successful entrepreneur and futurist from Arizona, sees the way that technology is changing lives and he has decided to help it along the way. Hope was recently in the news for a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, a biotechnology research firm that is focused on developing solutions to age-related illness. Let’s learn more about Jason Hope and the work that the SENS Foundation is doing. Visit Sens Research Foundation to learn more.

Mike Kope is the CEO of the SENS Foundation which is located in California. For just about a decade now the SENS Foundation has been working to find solutions to the oldest illnesses and diseases known to man with a specific focus on age-related issues. The non-profit organization thrives on investors like Jason Hope and his donation is going to give them the opportunity to reboot some of their research programs. Specifically, Jason Hope’s donation will go toward helping research Arteriosclerosis which is the hardening of our arteries as we age, a precursor to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Jason Hope found the SENS Foundation after doing extensive research into the field of biotechnology itself. After doing his research he would reach out to the SENS Foundation and connect with CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the leading mind at the research facility. Dr. De Grey is well known for his work in the medical community and he is revered for his research on age-related illness. Like Jason Hope, Dr. De Grey doesn’t believe that we have to age the way that we do. With biotechnological breakthroughs around the bend, the very nature of life and death might find a way to be remedied.

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