Larkin & Lacey on teh Forefron Fighting for Human, Civil and Migrant Rights

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is a non-profit organization that helps undeserved groups in the US, to obtain justice. They do so by funding organizations that fight for civil, human and migrant rights. The Larkin $ Lacey Frotera Fund was founded by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. The two are principals of The Village Voice Media, which is the publisher of the Phoenix Times News.

The organization was started with $3.75 million that Larkin and Lacey obtained from a settlement for wrongful imprisonment. The two had been arrested for having publicized the home address of the then county sheriff of Maricopa, Joe Arpaio. The reason they had publicized his address is because they wanted to explain his corrupt case.

The argument was that if he was not into any shady deals, he wouldn’t give information of his commercial houses. Besides, if one could have their home address in public and government websites, it would seem shady if they don’t want to share information about their commercial properties.

Anyhow, they were served with subpoenas and later arrested, from their homes, in the middle of the night. However, a public outcry got them released the following day.

And, the judge who had served them with subpoenas was removed from their case. Besides, he had not even acquired the approval of the jury before serving the subpoenas.

Later on, Larkin and Lacey sued. It was then that they received justice and were settled for the wrongful imprisonment. They decided that they would dedicate that money to help others who are vulnerable to injustice.

Today, the fund helps more than 20 human, civil and migrants’ rights organizations. These organizations mainly work by training youths. Others offer scholarship while others advocate for human rights directly, even if it means providing lawyers to the afflicted groups. Here are some of the human, civil and migrants’ rights groups that receive funding from the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Trans Queer Pueblo

The Trans Queer Pueblo is an organization made up of LGBT migrants of color. The community advocates for a society when the LGBT are free from oppression.

They also provide a safe environment where LGBT members can come out of the closet at their own pace. Among their achievements is Clínica Liberación, which provides health services to over 100 undocumented LGBT migrant patients. They also support LGBT members, who are in detention, by writing them letters and visiting them in prison.

No More Deaths-No Más Muertes

This is one of the faith-based organizations that are funded by Larkin & Lacey. The organization is on the forefront of fighting for the human rights of migrants. They do so by providing food and clean water to migrants.

Also, they provide them with supplies and even medical services at a camp, which they have opened at Southern Arizona. Additionally, the organization helps migrants to document abuse and to be compensated for property that is damaged or lost during detentions.

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Michael Lacey

The Involvement of Betsy DeVos in Business, Politics, and Charity

Betsy Devos is businesswoman, activist, and politician who is appreciated for the remarkable charity work that she does. She has led various campaigns that have ensured that children across the United States have an opportunity of joining learning institutions of their choice. Mrs, DeVos donates money through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The charity organization is owned by her family, and it was established in 1989. The main activities that it has focused on are education, leadership, art, and Christian-based undertakings. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have been acknowledged in the United States for their generosity. In 2015, their foundation donated $139 million, and this made them be ranked on the list of the top 30 charitable persons in the country.


Several organizations have benefited from the outstanding charity work of the DeVos Family. In 2015, their foundation gave $200,000 to the Potter’s House School, which is a Christian learning institution that has been striving to offer quality education to low-income families. It also contributed $150,000 to facilitate the charity work of the Success Academy Charter Schools. The couple has also provided their support to several hospitals, Christian activities, and art centers. The Center for Individual Rights and Baptists for Life have also received donations from them.


Mrs. DeVos currently serves the United States government as the 11th secretary of education. The outstanding contributions that she has made to the sector made President Trump to hire her in February 2017. Betsy is still working to transform the school system of the country so that all children can have equal opportunities of being admitted to the best learning institutions. She is a former volunteer of the Grand Rapids Public Schools, and the experience that she got enabled her to understand the challenge that low-income parents face. The philanthropist was motivated to start her activist work, and she has currently changed the lives of thousands of children in over 25 states.


The career of Betsy DeVos as a businesswoman was also successful. She once served as an administrator of the Windquest Group. The company is owned and managed by Dick DeVos, and it deals with manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have also invested in Neurocore, which is an organization that provides therapies to individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, deficit, autism, and disorder.


Betsy has also made significant contributions to the United States’ politics from the time she was in college. In 1982, she became a Michigan Republican Party member and has been supporting the activities of the party ever since. She once served as a delegate and chairperson of the party. Mrs. DeVos also sat on the Republican National Committee for about five years.


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Jim Tananbaum: The Brilliant Founder and CEO of Foresite Capital

As a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategist with over 25 years of experience, Jim Tananbaum came up with the idea for Foresite, which is a company that offers information, capital, and networks to entrepreneurs and financiers who want to create healthcare products. To-date, Foresite has invested in 77 healthcare companies and among them are Intarcia Therapeutics, 10x Genome, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, and more. His typical day consists of working with his team on existing portfolio company updates, new company presentations as well as networking with healthcare influencers. After work, Jim spends time with friends and family and squeezes an hour workout into each day.

Jim Tananbaum believes in funding the future of healthcare by helping individuals get the means to solve the largest health issues of the time. He believes that, for himself, his love to learn more drives his entrepreneurial spirit and keeps him motivated to help others and that without team synergy it’s hard to do good work. If Jim could go back in time and give himself advice, he would tell his younger self to have more faith in his own abilities. He believes that some of his strongest assets are to innovate and that he has listened to and followed the traditional way of doing things too much. Instead, if he had a chance to do it over, he would march to the beat of his own drum more.

In his Linked In profile, as the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum was an electrical engineering/computer science and math major at Yale who received his M.D. and M.B.A. from

Harvard and an M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a long history of leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry and believes our planet is entering a time of growth and amazing change that will be pushed forward by science. Before creating Foresite Capital, Jim founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which was purchased in 1998 for $1.6 billion during the same time that its top drug was producing a over $200 million in revenue on a yearly basis. He also co-founded and acted as CEO for Theravance, which when combined with its spinoff company, Theravance Biopharma, Inc., are worth a total of $3.2 billion. Visit the website,


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Fabletics: Fashion by Kate Hudson

It’s not often that a celebrity brand finds actual success. Most often, the company’s popular because of the celebrity that’s supposedly leading the company. If the celebrity’s fame ever fades, so does the brand. That’s not the case with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Fabletics found success on its own rights.

While Kate Hudson’s celebrity is part of Fabletic’s success; people seem to genuinely love the brand. It perfectly combines stylish fitness wear and affordable prices. For years, more people have become health conscious, and people have fallen in love with fitness outfits. That’s where the ‘activewear’ movement came from; combining functional fitness clothes with stylish fashions that can be worn anywhere.

This is why Fabletics has become such a popular brand among millennials. Millennials are more health conscious and have a more relaxed approach to casual wear than their parents. Still, Fabletic’s success is due to more than just a passing trend.

What Kate Hudson’s been able to do with Fabletics is amazing. It’s one of the best high-value brands in the world now. Fabletics took advantage of every opportunity they could to satisfy customers. Customers care about more than just prices and quality these days. Companies have to work harder to stay in their customer’s favor.

Fabletics has done that and more. Fabletics has experienced such success from their e-commerce site that they’ve started opening physical stores. Like Apple before them, Fabletics had to figure out a new business strategy to survive the transition to local markets.

Each store hosts its own events and other activities. These events are used a way of getting to know the local markets and Fabletic’s local members. That way, each store can fill its shelves with items that local members are most likely to buy. That makes each member feel extra special.

As a result, most of the people walking through the door are already members. In addition, about 25 percent of new visitors become members in store. It’s these members that Fabletics is trying to bring to their stores.

Fabletics is absolutely worth the money. Honestly, Fabletics isn’t that expensive, to begin with. That’s what makes it so brilliant. Depending on what members buy, they can get several items for the same price as one pair of leggings from other companies.

Livio Bisterzo’s HIPPEAS Grows To An Admirable Level

HIPPEAS, a natural snacks company, has in a short time recorded a rapid growth. The growth is as a result of its quality brand of organic chickpea puffs that offers the consumers six flavors to choose from. The flavors are Far Out Fatija, Vegan white cheddar, Sriracha Sunrise, Happenin’ Hickory, Pepper power, and Maple Haze.

New investors

As a fast growing company, many investors desire to invest in it. The most recent investors are the Strand Equity Partners and Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor. The pair invested in a minority capital in the firm for an undisclosed amount. According to Livio Bisterzo, the company’s CEO and Founder, the two investors share the same values and vision as the company. It is a delight that they joined the company as it continues to grow tremendously in the United Kingdom and the United states.

Seth Rodsky, the Managing Partner and co-founder of Strand Equity Partners commended the company for the growth that the brand has achieved. According to him, the growth signifies the firm’s capabilities in merging nutrition with top flavors. He noted the enthusiasm that Strand Equity Partners has in working with the able team at HIPPEAS. Together they hope to bring to the market new “better for you” snacks.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is a renowned Italian Investor based in Los Angeles. He is an alumnus of the well-known institution in London, University of the Arts. His entrepreneurial skills were established from an early age as he started his first venture in 2003 at age 23. The company was an event organizing business.

In 2008, in collaboration with RNA Corporation, he started a line of men’s skin care products named Kyoku for Men. He left the business in 2010 to start a beverage company, Little Miracles. His other investments include the Maddox Club, Pollen Street. His latest investment is a food company he established last year named Green Park Holdings.

Livio Bisterzo is recognized far and wide as his achievements have been featured by top media houses, such as Sunday Style, Harpers, The Times, and Esquire among others. Livio Bisterzo formed the Evening Standard’s nominees list of 1000 most influential people in 2009.